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When I retired on Trinity Sunday 2015, I changed St. Blogory's subtitle to reflect my new status and continued linguistic loyalties (French and Welsh): The internet café d’un prêtre à la retraite (for the French, retirement is "retreat") ac o offeiriad wedi ymddeol.


After graduating in 1972 from Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, with a major in Government, I sold and administered Group Insurance Plans for three years.

During my first assignment in Richmond, Virginia, I had a conversion experience, and spent the rest of my insurance career testing whether I could live as a Christian in the business world before preaching to others from a pulpit "six feet above contradiction." (In fact, I preach from the center aisle!)

Transferred to Philadelphia, I met my wife, and a year later I entered Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL.

In 1978 I was ordained and served until 1981 at Trinity Cathedral, Davenport, Iowa (participating in the 1980 caucuses). Our daughter was born there.

Called to St. Bartholomew's Church in midtown Manhattan in 1981, I was the Director of St. Bartholomew's Community Club, and then the Associate Rector for Membership and Adult Education for the Parish. Our son was born in New York City.

St. Gregory's called me as Rector in 1988. I was also the Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Chicago from 1990 to 2002.

I retired on Trinity Sunday, 2015.