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October 28, 2010


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I agree. I am currently in the middle of an inner turmoil around these same issues. Not necessarily because I haven't struggled with them, I have. But because I sense something bigger on the horizon. I'm wondering if the 'church' is too badly broken. And, honestly, I'm wondering if what we consider the 'church' today shouldn't have ever come into existence.

Thanks, Jack, for your comment. I gather you may be an Episcopal priest also, with the + after your name. If so, you'll understand and probably expect my response!

1. If the church is a human institution only, then it's evidently too badly broken to be fixed. If it's the Body of Christ, then brokenness is its vocation and by his wounds we are healed.

2. The church is a fact in the only universe we know, so whether or not it "should" have come into existence, it did. Like a lot of other things we might wish didn't exist and yet do exist!


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