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April 13, 2014


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Is God not an eternal Spirit, and as such does not have flesh, blood nor bones, and has no beginning and no end, not able to die? What could He proof by faking His death, and why did He wait such a long time before He took that action, And why do we still have to wait and suffer?

Dear Marcus, God is Spirit (Gospel of John, chapter 4, verse 24, and as such God the Father does not have flesh, blood, or bones. God the Son "emptied himself" and assumed a human body of flesh, blood, and bones (and all the other physical aspects of what it means to be human). He didn't fake his death-- he really died, and was buried. Why we he took so long, and why we still wait and suffer, is a mystery we do not understand. What we do understand, as Archbishop William Temple wrote ca 1940 is that "the wounds of Christ are his credentials to a suffering world."

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